Who is Karl Marx?

Karl Marx (*5th May 1818 in Trier; † 14th March 1883 in London) was a German philosopher, economist, society critical theorist, political journalist, protagonist of the workers’ movement as well as critic of bourgeois society and religion. Together with Friedrich Engels he became the most influential theorist of socialism and communism. His theories have been debated vigorously up until today.

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Karl Marx Year 2018

The philosopher and writer has hardly been as popular as he is today. On the 5th May 2018 it will be Karl Marx’s birthday for the 200th time. Trier is dedicating an extensive anniversary programme to the son of its city. From the 5th May until 21st October 2018 the great exhibition of the Rhineland-Palatinate region and of the city of Trier will take place, “Karl Marx 1818-1883- Life, Works, Time”. A diverse fringe events programme of art, culture and science complements this in examining Karl Marx and his works from different perspectives.

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That’s great! Please send your query by email – – or by telephone – 0651 991653-0 – to the Karl Marx 2018 exhibition association. A media kit with further information and high resolution photos can be found at »Contact«.

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It came about as a result of cooperation between the Hochschule Trier, the Karl Marx 2018 – Exhibition society, Trier Tourism and Marketing Ltd and the Society for the Delivery of the Anniversary Programme of Karl Marx Year in Trier.

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