MARX•GUIDE is an interactive city guide of Karl Marx which takes you through the eminent philosopher’s historic home town of Trier at the time of his 200th birthday.

Guide your way through the city on a journey of discovery and track down places of interest which played an important role in Karl Marx’s life with the help of your smart phone. Audio guides and historical pictures shed light on his life, his most important works and the various activities from his time. You don’t have to install anything. Simply load this web app onto your phone.

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Marx Quick Tour

5   2,0 km     60 Min.

Marx Complete Tour

1   3,0 km     120 Min.


For Karl Marx Year 2018, MARX•GUIDE, the digital tour guide, has prepared two tours for you: one longer, one shorter. Let it guide you through your smartphone on a journey of discovery.

Simply choose from one of two tours. The smartphone will navigate you to places of interest which played an important role in the life of the philosopher and writer, as well as providing you with interesting information and media content. The web-app will also give you up-to-date tips on the ongoing exhibitions.

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Many important chapters in the life of Karl Marx are found in Trier – born in Trier, he spent his youth here. MARX•GUIDE provides detailed information on each of the 12 places.

On your smartphone, MARX•GUIDE leads you on a journey through the city to help you discover places of interest which played an important role in the life of the philosopher and writer (see Tours). Historical places are complemented with up-to-date tips on exhibitions and contemporary sites such as the Karl Marx Statue.

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Karl Marx Year 2018

The philosopher and writer has hardly been as popular as he is today. On the 5th May 2018 it will be Karl Marx’s birthday for the 200th time. Trier is dedicating an extensive anniversary programme to the son of its city. From the 5th May until 21st October 2018 the great exhibition of the Rhineland-Palatinate region and of the city of Trier will take place, “Karl Marx 1818-1883- Life, Works, Time”. A diverse fringe events programme of art, culture and science complements this in examining Karl Marx and his works from different perspectives.

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