On the 5th May 2018 it will be Karl Marx’s birthday for the 200th time. The city of Trier is celebrating the eminent philosopher and shedding light on his life, his most important works and the various activities from his time.

About the project

This interactive city guide highlights the fascinating sites in the life of Karl Marx in order to make these more visible and easier to understand.

MARX•GUIDE is dedicated to the son of the oldest city in Germany and sheds light on Marx’s life and activities across Trier. Users can guide themselves through the city on a journey of discovery and track down places of interest which played an important role in Karl Marx’s life with the help of their smart phone. Audio-guides and historical pictures will give you an impression of Trier life in the 19th Century.

How it started

It all came about as a result of cooperation between the Hochschule Trier, the Karl Marx 2018 – Exhibition society, Trier Tourism and Marketing Ltd and the Society for the Delivery of the Anniversary Programme of Karl Marx Year in Trier.


The project was developed at the Hochschule Trier in the Design and Inter-media Design Faculty under the leadership of Marcus Haberkorn.

Icons: Jack Hermes, Adam Whitcroft (Weather icons)
Illustration: David Schmitz (Marx portrait)
Narrators: Steve Adkins (English), Simin Sadeghi (German), Viviane Shabanzadeh (French)
Photography: Jonas Eiden
Web design and development: Vadim Bauer